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Why a Boudoir Shoot is the Perfect Fitness Goal Treat

dallas boudoir photographerYou’ve been putting in the hours, you’ve been saying no to the extra slices of cake, and now you’ve got the results you’ve been so patiently waiting for.

But how are you going to celebrate? By getting a new outfit…or maybe a spa day?

Well here’s an idea, why not do both?

Explore your wild side with some new lingerie to accompany your new body. Then top it off with a fun makeover and a hairstyle that will leave you looking like a total bombshell.

Still not convinced? Let’s go over all the reasons why you should embrace your beautiful body and the accomplishments you’ve achieved.


It’s A Chance to Be a Little More… Daring

dallas boudoir photographer

It takes time and effort to make that scale move, and girl you did it. You can look in the mirror and already see those changes, just as beautiful as ever, but definitely moving in a direction you like.

That’s why you’re going to treat yourself to a little TLC and take your new and still-fabulous-you down to my studio to show off those gorgeous curves.

You wanted to do something different. You wanted change, and that’s why you can’t stop now. It’s time to jump into your own world of boudoir… you’ve already got the running start.

This is your chance to do something you’ve never done before. Even if you’ve had a boudoir shoot in the past, this one is different because YOU’RE DIFFERENT. You’re not the woman you were last year, and you’ll be an even greater woman next year.

Own your changes girl, and BOUDOIR IT UP with your own one-of-a-kind boudoir session.

You can be anything and do anything you set your pretty mind to, and if you want to be that girl in the lingerie with perfect hair a wicked smile…. then be THAT girl.

You have my number, and if you don’t, here it is: 214-250-0160. Give me a ring, and let’s make your perfect session a reality.


Life’s A Journey… so Why Not Take a Few Pics Along the Way?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, or just going for something different, you’re on your way to a new you that you’re going to LOVE.

dallas boudoir photographer

You absolutely need to capture these moments so that you’ll know just how hot you are right here, right now. Loving yourself and recognizing your everyday beauty is just as important as trying to move towards a better you. Make sure you live a little here and there.

Think of a boudoir shoot as not only a great way to celebrate the goals you’ve met, but also an amazing way to track your journey!

You’ve done so much in your life, but sometimes it can feel like the world has it out for you. That only means that these decisions you make as a woman are all the more important. That decision you made to go out there and better yourself was one-step in the right direction toward the woman you’re trying to become, and you need to celebrate that.

Make your appointment now and let’s capture this part of your life journey. The beautiful and the glamorous behind the hardworking woman would be an honor for me to photograph, and I can’t wait to hear your story.

A boudoir shoot is just what you need to unwind and embrace your femininity for what it is. Work hard, play hard girl. Let’s see how far you can go when the sky’s the limit.


dallas boudoir photographerYou Deserve It

As far as achievements go, meeting a fitness goal is something we pretty much have to earn on our own. Sure we can work out with friends and get support from the people around us… but you’re the one that went for the run when you really didn’t want to and you’re the one that didn’t eat ice cream at 2 AM when you really did want to (or maybe you just had one bite).

Either way, this one is all you girl. That’s why you’re going to treat yourself to a boudoir shoot where it’s ALL ABOUT YOU.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of utter relaxation and luxury that a boudoir shoot will give you, and you absolutely deserve every moment of it.

dallas boudoir photographer

It’s time to kick off those sneakers and to dust off your highest heels. You’ll have to leave the leggings at home, because as hot as you look in them, it’s time to rock the sexiest piece of lingerie you own… not to mention your new hot bod.

Why? Because while you were always beautiful, you worked your pretty little butt off for these changes, and you should 100% be proud of yourself.

Let’s be honest here, as far as special occasions go, we owe our birthdays to our mom’s and any anniversary credit we have is split down the middle with our special someone.

That means you making the decision to go out there and sweat for what you wanted is a pretty big deal… one that renders you more than worthy of the royal treatment. Which is totally what you’ll be getting during your session with me.

Just think of the photos you’ll have after your boudoir shoot as the trophy you deserve, but have been holding out for until now.


dallas boudoir photographerYou’re Already Flawless

We’ve all been there. We work so hard and don’t see the changes we want as soon as we hope to… but that doesn’t mean we give up.

Sometimes we just need a little extra reminder that we’re already beautiful before we can keep moving towards our goals.

Whatever idea you have for your body you will absolutely achieve as long as you keep at it. But just because you aren’t there yet, doesn’t mean you aren’t already sexy.

Book your boudoir session now and let’s show you just how gorgeous you are, so that when you’re looking back in a few years, you can see how your beauty has changed but never faded.

See you soon lovely lady, let’s make some memories and have some fun. You earned it. Comment your thought and your fitness goal successes below! 


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