Unveil Your Inner Goddess || Boudoir Photo Session

This beauty came to my studio for her boudoir photo session not knowing what to expect. Boudoir photography can be confusing for some and it is such a new experience for many that they have to step out of their comfort zone to fully enjoy this new adventure.

My client is such a strong woman in her daily life. She’s a realtor and a mother of two older children. I can say, life has truly taken over. Women exactly like her need to be reminded of how beautiful and appreciated they are.

She wanted to do something special for herself and simply bring that sexy side of her back. We all sometimes get overwhelmed with life and we easily tend to forget that only when we love ourselves and feel confident in our own skin, others can appreciate us for who we are too.

We ended up with some stunning images that truly bring out her personality. Her hair and makeup were on point. They really highlighted her natural beauty. I fell in love with the black and white image of her sitting in the bed and glancing at me. It’s my favorite because of how I captured just one eye. It’s so seductive and sultry.

If you are looking for a whole new experience of unveiling your beauty in a way that will change your life, then fill out the form below or call me at (214)250-0160 and let’s start planning your next session!

After her session, she asked me to do the “In The City” headshots. Surprisingly, it was pouring rain, but that didn’t stop us from getting some glamorous images taken. We got some amazing shots that she can use for her website and business cards.

I love seeing the progress of how women feel and act during a boudoir photo shoot. It is difficult for some to walk into something unexpected. Often, women feel intimidated to step out of their comfort zone.

But, I can truly tell that she loved the experience and the results. In all her images, her beauty and confidence shine through. She had lots of fun and definitely got a confidence boost. She’s such a lady boss in her daily life that I am glad I got to make her look at herself in the mirror in a whole new light and bring out her inner goddess.

She loved the session so much that she signed up for my next Pin-Up themed shoot on September 16th. There’s very limited number of spots left! So, if you want to try out this new experience, make sure to fill out the form below or call me at (214)250-0160 and let’s get in touch!

Ashlee Russ Photography Boudoir Photo Session in Dallas Texas

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