The 5 Secrets to a Perfect Maternity Boudoir Session -

The 5 Secrets to a Perfect Maternity Boudoir Session

best dallas boudoir photographerI wanted to bring out the limelight on all the stunning women out there growing a tiny human as we speak. I know this time can be just as challenging as it is magical and exciting.

The journey into mommy-hood can really give you a whole new appreciation for your body’s amazingness! You are literally carrying life and you should absolutely show it off! If not that, just simply documenting it for that love in your life, or for yourself, is reason enough to have your own session.

But if pregnancy isn’t making you feel like the glowing queen you are, all the more reason to take some gorgeous boudoir photos.

1. Checking Off the Essentials

Deciding what to bring to your shoot is one of the trickiest parts of any boudoir dallas boudoir photographer

Depending on what your tastes are, you really can get as creative as you’d like with your lady attire. This can mean your favorite lingerie pieces, some gorgeously silky pajamas, a flowy skirt (or dress), loose sheer blouses, a bandeau, bralette, or your favorite bra.

If you need a little more inspiration, feel free to check out my last blog “Picking the Perfect Outfit for your Boudoir Session“ where I go over even more boudoir outfit tips!

You have the final say in whatever you decide to wear, but I do recommend bringing at least one simpler piece to really showcase your little bump. We want to make sure your outfit doesn’t take away from you or your lovely tummy!

Our gorgeous lady to the right is actually adorning an Ikea lace curtain, and I must say, she looks absolutely stunning! Getting creative with your outfit is absolutely allowed, and 100% encouraged!

I’m looking forward to getting a call from you soon gorgeous! Let’s talk about your ideas for the perfect maternity boudoir shoot. Even if you’re not sure what you want, you should absolutely take this chance to have a little fun!

2. Timing is Everything

best dallas boudoir photographerTypically the ideal time to book your session is between 30 and 36 weeks depending on how quickly your body is changing.

Every woman is different, and so is her body. Your body won’t look the same at 5 months as everyone else’s, and that’s 100% fine. It won’t change the fact that you still look absolutely stunning!

But as a general rule of thumb, you want to aim for a session that is during that 5-month sweet spot.

By this time your tummy should be nice and round, perfect for some aesthetic boudoir shots! It’s also big enough by this point to make it obvious that you’re pregnant and not just adorning a proud “big dinner” bloat. This means no procrastinating when it comes to booking your date, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for a slot a few weeks in advance to make sure you have your session at just the right time!

3. Boudoir Reservation: Party of 3!

This special time is all about capturing this incredibly beautiful journey of growth and love for you. That means you can have a session that’s all about you, or you can bring in that special someone in your life.

This is an experience you two are sharing and going through together, so if you want to include them, I more than support your decision!

You don’t have to have them in every shot (unless you want to) and you decide what you want to happen during this truly ethereal part of the session.

Plus, bringing in your other half means more options and a greater variety in the poses we can do!

The two of you would look absolutely divine holding your precious belly! Pair that with some loose and flowy lingerie pieces and a light fan breeze to create a truly heavenly scene.

4.Fun Required, Clothing… Optionalbest dallas boudoir photographer

Your boudoir shoot is all about making sure you enjoy yourself and highlighting this important time in your life. You only have to go as nude as you’re comfortable with. In fact, some of my most sensual shots are of clients in their favorite t-shirts and oversized sweaters

A lot of the time a great image is more about what’s implied rather than shown.

However, I absolutely encourage you to be as daring and bold as you’d like! Feel free to tip-toe out of your comfort zone for a little and explore yourself!

You should also know that au naturale is always on the table! Whether it’s full-on nudity with just your hands to cover up, or a silk/lace blanket gently wrapped around your lovely body, you will look absolutely gorgeous.

Regardless of your end decision, I’d love to document you and your gorgeous tummy in some stunning lingerie pieces. Give me a call and let’s plan out your perfect maternity boudoir session!

5. Prop it Up Baby Mama!

best dallas boudoir photographerProps are a wonderful way to illustrate the mood and feelings you want conveyed within your photos!

If they say something about who you are or highlight your emotions about the pregnancy, then you should considering bring them out to the shoot. If you’re trying to create a super intricate theme like floral Spring or a starry night, we can absolutely talk about it and plan out every detail!  Make sure you schedule your consultation and call me soon to get started on your perfect maternity boudoir session!

The scene itself can be as soft and airy or as dark and contrasty as you like to add to your mood and personality within your dallas boudoir photographer

There are a ton of changes that happen during the mommy transformation. Your tummy starts to grow, your boobs develop a mind of their own, and you start craving the strangest of foods. But one thing that won’t change during your mommy transformation is just how gorgeous you are.

Every Pregnancy is unique so taking the chance to document this one happening right now is important. Maternity boudoir photography is a means of expression in a sensually divine way, and you should capture that.

This baby is special, and so is this precious time you two are sharing with each other. There is no closer bond than the one a mother holds as she carries her little one… don’t let these stunning moments slip away. Call me today and let’s capture your beautiful face and glowing body!

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