Picking the Perfect Outfit for Your Boudoir Session

You’re just about ready for your boudoir session… now you just need to figure out exactly what you want to have adorn you during your shoot. But where to start?

Picking your outfit can be especially tricky when it’s your first boudoir shoot and you have a million and one things on your mind.

Well here’s something to help make your session a little less intimidating so that you can focus on having fun. Here are some outfit tips and a little boudoir 101 by yours truly.

What to Wear

Now there are plenty of options when it comes to picking out your boudoir outfit(s), here are some ideas and tips for each.

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Girdles and Corsets

This combo gives you the sexy you’re looking for with a slight slimming effect. It’s bonding and structure allow for a snug fit and confident finish. Fair warning for my large breasted women though, try to avoid plastic boning with over bust corsets. They’re just not enough support and can be pretty uncomfortable at times, especially when you’re shifting poses in a boudoir shoot.

best dallas boudoir photographerGarter Belt and Stockings

Stockings and garter belts aren’t just ridiculously sexy, they can also be used to hide anything you might not want to show on camera, such as pores and blemishes. They’re perfect with virtually every kind of outfit and look amazing on EVERYONE.


Any special items you might have or objects you want to incorporate into your shoot are welcome. They definitely add to the mood and enhance the ambiance given the right set up. You should totally bring them over if it’s an important token of that special someone in your life or something of yours.

I also have plenty of outfits and props at the studio for you to use! Feel free to give me a call so we can find out what works for you and your vision for your boudoir session!

Stealing from Their Closet

If you have a significant other you’d like to surprise with a couple of tribute shots, you definitely SHOULD. Whether it’s their army jacket or their favorite t-shirt, they’ll absolutely ADORE you in their clothing.

Casual ( For the Not-So-Girly Girl)

Sports bras such as Calvin Klein can give you a sexy look while letting you keep true to yourself. Play around with different brands and styles until you find one that says what you want it to.

You can also try out other subtle looks such as a plain white t-shirt and panties, just try to make sure whatever top you bring fits your body (not too big or baggy) before your boudoir shoot. Slouchy off the shoulder sweaters can also be quite sensual paired with the right pose and accessories, so make sure to raid your closet for any of those!

best dallas boudoir photographer


Where do I even start? Heels can say everything and anything. Given the right pair, you can set an entirely different mood and feel to your boudoir outfit. You’re absolutely welcome to go au naturel with your lovely bare feet, but make sure to pack your sexiest pair… just in case.

Bridal Veil, Garter, and Corset

If you’re a bride-to-be, a boudoir session is a great way to showcase your newly engaged status in a gorgeously sensual way. Playing around with traditionally white outfit combinations and your veil will create stunning final images, but you have complete reign when it comes to showing off your engagement.

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What makes you feel gorgeous? Do you have a go to necklace  you feel immaculate in? Or maybe a pair of diamond earrings that make you feel like a sassy modern day Marilyn Monroe? Whatever it is that calls to you, make sure you bring it out and flaunt it, it’ll make your boudoir shoot all the more fabulous!

Lacy Shawls

These add a gorgeous touch to any boudoir session and can be used as much, or as little as you’d like. Whether you’re trying to cover up to create a sense of mystery, or you’d like it lightly draped to show off everything, it is absolutely a great bring along item!

Still, have more questions? Just give me a ring and I would be happy to answer them, and from there, we can start planning your perfect session!

Where to Shop

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There are so many online and in-person options for lingerie, so you won’t have to worry about not finding the perfect match.

Here are a few of my Top picks:

Blush Lingerie: They ship worldwide and have a variety of assortments for the sophisticated woman. From garter belts to corsets, there’s plenty to choose from. The best part? Free shipping on orders over $75! #YAY

Adore Me: This is a SUPER fun option and one of my favorites with the chance to get a set of your choice shipped to you MONTHLY! They have so much to choose from and seasonal releases make it just a little bit easier to keep things fresh and playful.

Hips & Curves: When you’re fuller figured, your options can sometimes feel limited. With Hips & Curves, you’ll have trouble deciding what to pick with such a large assortment of lingerie, corsets, and other fun options. Definitely worth taking a peek at!

Dillards: This is another one of my favorites with elegant and simple pieces that complement your body in subtle muted tones and designs. I particularly recommend this to all my bride-to-be’s. They have an entire section dedicated to bridal boudoir that is sure to impress and allure.

Agent Provocateur: Feeling a little more daring? Agent Provocateur is absolutely the choice for you with everything you could image sexy would look like. Don’t even get me started on their holiday collection…

Raid Your Closet…

You’re more than ready to rock your Boudoir session now that you’ve gotten a little more insight on what some of your outfit options are and where you can find them. You might be surprised to find you already have some pretty gorgeous pieces already!

dallas boudoir photographer

Give me a call today, and let’s book your dream boudoir session! I’m more than excited to hear about your ideas and to answer any curiosities you might have about your session. Hope to hear from you soon lovely lady!

If you have any outfit ideas or places to shop online or in Dallas, please share them in the comments below! Discovering new places and outfits just make the boudoir session all the more fun!

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