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No! No, no, no, no! To the average person, it may be just a photograph. But to you and whoever you decide to share this picture with, it’s a glimpse into the person you are…. into your soul. We live our lives as a mother, wife, homemaker, schedule keeper, maid, chauffeur, and the hundreds of […]

HELL YES!!!  And here’s WHY……. 1. Professionals are called “pros” for a reason.  They have been trained on how to properly apply and enhance your features to give you the best, most polished look possible.  They are able to contour and create a look that transfers through the camera so that you have highlights where […]

I can’t believe it’s finally here!!!!  My new website is being launched and it’s finally a dream come true!  Can’t wait to share and show you what all I have in store for 2018!  It’s going to be an exciting year!