Is It Really Just A Photograph?

No! No, no, no, no! To the average person, it may be just a photograph. But to you and whoever you decide to share this picture with, it’s a glimpse into the person you are…. into your soul. We live our lives as a mother, wife, homemaker, schedule keeper, maid, chauffeur, and the hundreds of other titles demanded on a near daily basis. In the crazy mix of life, you start to lose touch with who you are, who you REALLY are!

Boudoir sessions are a way to unleash that sexy, confident, powerful woman that landed the significant other everyone was swooning over, drove them wild in the bedroom and left a smile on their face the entire next day woman. So often with our demanding schedules and juggling responsibilities we lose sight of that woman, but I see it and the camera sees it…. she’s been there all along. So, no it’s not a JUST a photograph, it’s a glimpse into your soul that captures who you really are and at the end of the day that’s what you walk away with. A boudoir session is a constant reminder that you are not just a mother, wife, or maid, you are a damn sexy woman and a subtle reminder anytime you need it.dallas boudoir photographer

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