Boudoir + Long Distance = 🔥

Daily 3 hour video calls, plenty of texts, and long conversations sprinkled with “I miss you’s” is the standard recipe for a long distance romance.

Luckily in these situations, there’s enough love and desire to keep the flame alive.

dallas boudoir photographer

But how do you keep the passion from going cold exactly? It’s an issue all long distance relationships come across at least once, and it’s one that each couple needs to find their own way of working through.

No one can define the perfect long distance relationship, but it’s safe to assume it’s one where each partner craves the other enough to wait until you both get to see each other again. But what if you had something to help make the wait a little easier?

Here are some ways a boudoir shoot could be the microwave that keeps things heated up in your love life.

Sending Some Overnight Shipping Love

Ashlee Russ Photography Boudoir Photo Session in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

It’s been a while. You miss them, and they definitely miss you. You’re going to show them that even though they may be far away, they’re still there with you in all the ways that matter.

They bring a passion inside of you that no one else can match, and you absolutely do the same for them. But intimacy is hard to feel when touches and kisses aren’t on the table…

That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

All it takes is a phone call. We’ll find the perfect day to schedule your dream boudoir shoot and make it something neither of you will ever forget.

It can be whatever you want it to be. Maybe you’ll start off wearing one of their t-shirts before you slip into their soon-to-be favorite lingerie piece on you. You’ll have your hair styled and glammed up with the perfect makeup to go with it.

You’ll be looking hotter than ever, and that will make the surprise delivery all the more exciting. It’s the just the right amount of bold your surprise gift needs.
Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just one for fun, this gift is a way to show them that they’re on your mind, even from miles and miles away.

Your significant other is incredibly lucky to have you, but a little reminder never hurt anyone.

So book your boudoir session with me today lovely lady, I want to make this romantic gesture perfect for you and your heartthrob.

Ready or Not, Here You Come

dallas boudoir photographer

So maybe they can’t visit, and this time you’re bringing the fun to them. Don’t show up empty-handed to the party… bring them a present they won’t be able to say no to.

You’ve gone and taken gorgeous images of yourself, and now they’ll get to see your beautiful face and body, even while you’re away. There’s no way they won’t absolutely love their new collection… it’ll be the spark to get the fire going during your visit.

If you’re coming for a special occasion, your session can be customized for whatever it might be. Why not have a little fun with it and show them your wild side with pictures that are sure to get their heart racing?

Sure you can’t say, but they’ll have something to help keep them warm while you’re away.

There are so many reasons why you should say yes, not just for them, but for yourself as well. You deserve to be pampered and spoiled with attention, and during your boudoir session, you’ll get just that.

Book with me today and spoil yourself while you spoil them. It’s a win-win honestly, so don’t feel guilty for having a little fun.

You Waited… and They Came

dallas boudoir photographer

Next time that special someone comes over to visit your pretty little-self, turn up the romance with a surprise couples boudoir session just for the two of you.

Whether it’s been a few weeks since you last saw them, or a few months, they’re coming and it’s just as exciting and fun as it was when you first met them.

A piece of you has been missing, but now it’s coming to see you… and little do they know, you have something quite sexy planned for the two of you.

Capture your everlasting love and passion for each other on camera in whatever way feels right. Whether you’re sporting his clothes or lingerie, things are sure to get fun and steamy.

A couples boudoir shoot is even more meaningful when you haven’t seen each other in so long. It’s a time of rekindling and new discoveries, and at the end of it, you’ll have images you can both share and hold on to when things get tough.

Make your pictures into beautiful artwork to hang, a collection of images, or even a book to open and adore.

Things are never perfect, but your love story is special and one-of-a-kind, and that’s beautiful all on its own. If you’d like to know more about a couples boudoir shoot, and why your answer should absolutely be yes, you should read my blog “ 7 Reasons to Book A Couples Boudoir Shoot”, it’ll make you wonder why you waited so long to say yes.

I hope to see the lovely couple in my studio soon for your special boudoir session. Schedule a call with me now! Stop putting this incredible experience on hold. You’re in love today, so embrace it!

The LOVE is Strong in These Two

dallas boudoir photographer

Keeping things fun and spontaneous when everything needs to be planned in advance and organized on availability is super tough. This is where time and experience come in handy, and definitely a ton of dedication.

You two know what works and what doesn’t because, with long distance, a little extra communication is needed… along with creative ways to keep the romance and passion going.

You’re just two lovebirds against the world, fighting the battle against time and distance. Your love story will have it’s happy ending, with some gorgeous pictures to top all off.

My studio is the perfect place to capture that love. Whether it’s a glamorous boudoir session just for you, or a steamy one to split, you’ll both love the final product. Hope to hear from you (two) soon gorgeous, your dream boudoir session is waiting.

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