8 Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

Let’s face it: planning for a boudoir shoot is enough to make any woman a little nervous. You know that you’ll leave the session feeling confident and empowered, but as you prepare for your session, you’re feeling those fears and insecurities crop up with a vengeance. Do you have questions that you’re afraid to ask your boudoir photographer? Check out these 8 common questions to see if they provide the answers.

Question #1: How Much Grooming Do I Need to Do?

best dallas boudoir photographer

Do you need to shave before a boudoir session? Yes, probably. In general, you want to be sure that anything that won’t be covered during the session is shaved, waxed, or otherwise cleared of hair—unless, of course, you like that “all natural” look.

If you are planning to wax before your session, make sure you do it a couple of days ahead of time so that your skin has time to heal and there’s no uncomfortable redness.

We can do some retouching, but our images are best when you show off your natural beauty.


Question #2: You Do Clean Your Wardrobe Items,

best dallas boudoir photographer


As part of your boudoir shoot, we provide access to our extensive collection of lingerie, dresses, and more—and yes, they are

cleaned after every session!

We make sure to professionally clean any item that was worn during a session. After all, no one wants to have another woman’s makeup—or something more personal—on an outfit she’s wearing during a shoot!

If you’re uncomfortable, you also have the option to bring along your own lingerie or clothing for the shoot—but half the fun is often slipping into a little something you would never have chosen for yourself.

Question #3: How Do You Handle “Problem” Areas?best dallas boudoir photographer

Let’s get real, girls: every woman has an area of her body that she’s uncomfortable with—and it’s not necessarily the one I see when I look at you!

Before your photo shoot, ask your boudoir photographer about what you view as your “problem areas.” Then, during the session, we’ll work around it. Strategically-placed sheets, careful poses, and other strategies can help hide your insecurities from the camera.

Some of those things, we can take care of in editing: erasing scars or blemishes, for example. For the most part, though, we try to keep your body as natural as possible while still fulfilling your dreams.

You’re beautiful just the way you are, and your boudoir session helps unlock that and show it off.

Question #4: I Don’t Feel Very Sexy. How Are You Going to Get Me Into Sexy Poses?

best dallas boudoir photographer

First of all, it’s hard not to feel sexy when your boudoir photographer has got you all glammed up with fantastic hair, perfect makeup, and an incredible outfit that totally flatters your body.

Second, we’ll work with you. Some women’s “sexy” is in shy, suggestive poses. Other women love to flaunt it all. We’ll figure out your style together—and it may surprise you what it is!

Some women are naturals in front of the camera. Others need a little more guidance. I’ll work with you during your boudoir session, showing you how to get into those poses and helping to coach you so you look and feel your sexy best.


Question #5: Are You Judging Me?

best dallas boudoir photographer

For most women, posing for a boudoir session is a unique experience. You may be very aware of the feeling of being exposed, and those problem areas are probably on your mind.

My team, on the other hand, is focused on doing our job.

We don’t judge. I love the female body in all its forms. As a boudoir photographer, I love unlocking your inner goddess and helping you show off that special something at your heart. I’m not judging you; rather, I’m enjoying the experience along with you!

Question #6: How “Sexy” Are We Going to Get?

Boudoir photography is very intimate and very suggestive. It’s very sexy. It’s very fun.

best dallas boudoir photographer

You’re not actually going to get “naughty” in the studio.

Much of a boudoir session is about suggesting something sexy without actually doing it. From the right camera angles, we can create the illusion of something naughty even when you aren’t actually doing anything—and as your photographer, that’s exactly my goal. I want to make you feel sexy, look sexy, but never cross the line into anything too naughty. That’s for you to do on your own outside the studio—though I hope you leave your session feeling a little inspired!

Question #7: How Can I Prepare for My Session?

Go lingerie shopping. Shave or wax anything you’re planning to show on camera.

Flip through some boudoir photos or watch some videos to get a better idea of what to expect during your session.

Honestly, don’t get the idea that you have to “prepare” for your session (though you might want to avoid bloat-heavy foods for a couple of days ahead of time). Instead, come in prepared to have fun!

Question #8: What if I Just Don’t Look Good on Camera?

best dallas boudoir photographerA lot of women are worried that their pictures just won’t turn out like those on my website. You’re not thin enough, young enough, comfortable enough in your own skin. You have this problem or that problem. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: as a boudoir photographer, I have a lot of practice and a lot of satisfied clients. Every woman, of every background, is sexy—and I’ll help you look and feel great on camera.

Trust me: we’re going to create something amazing together. So many women think they’ll never really look sexy, then fall in love with their pictures. I want to help create exactly that experience for you.

Have I answered your burning questions that you are just too afraid to ask you boudoir photographer? Do you have a better idea, now, of what your session will be like? If you still have questions, don’t be embarrassed—I’ve heard it all, and I’ve got an answer for you. Contact me today to ask those questions or to start the process of scheduling your boudoir session.

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