7 Reasons to Have a Holiday Boudoir Shoot

Is your To Do list over-full?

Have you been planning to put a boudoir shoot on the calendar, but found the year slipping away from you?

The holidays are almost here, but there’s good news: it’s not too late to schedule your holiday boudoir shoot!

A boudoir shoot is the perfect way to ring in this holiday season. You might already have plenty of things on your schedule to take care of, but none of them will bring in the magic of the holidays quite like a holiday boudoir shoot. Think that you don’t have time to be pampered and enjoy yourself in the middle of the holiday season? There are several reasons why you should make time now.

1. It’s a Perfect Gift for Someone Special

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Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get that special someone in your life? There’s nothing quite like a boudoir shoot to make their face light up when they open their gift on Christmas morning. Not only is it a great, special gift that will give you a secretive smile every time you look at what’s under the tree, it’s a gift that will keep on giving the rest of the year, too. You can also turn your boudoir shoot into a number of fascinating gifts for that special person in your life: a coffee mug that’s only used when the two of you are cuddled up together, a special canvas for his bedroom, or an album that’s just for the two of you. Book your holiday boudoir session and give your significant someone a gift they won’t be able to forget.

2. There’s No More Festive Time of the Year

There’s something about the Christmas season that makes everyone feel a little bit more indulgent—and what better way to give into that spirit of indulgence than with a boudoir shoot? Whether you want to bring in the Christmas spirit with a special outfit or some fun lighting or you want a more traditional boudoir shoot, that special holiday spirit will show up in your pictures. You’ll find that looking back on those shots evokes that warm, cozy time of year that you love so much—not to mention brightening up your mood every time you think of it.

3. It’s a Great Way to Relax for a Few Hours

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season often make it feel as though your stress levels won’t ever come back down to normal! You feel as though you don’t have half a moment for yourself. When you schedule a boudoir shoot, however, you’re putting pampering and relaxation back at the top of your To Do list. Not only do you get to relax while your hair and makeup are done for you, enjoy a glass of wine, and kick back and relax as you move through your poses, you’ll be able to do it guilt-free: while you’re in the middle of your boudoir session, you can’t possibly wrap another gift, bake another goodie, or head out for yet another perfect last-minute gift. Instead, you’ll be able to give yourself a little peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

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4. It’s the Perfect Gift for You

Do you have trouble naming things that you really want for yourself for Christmas? Can you name everything on your family members’ lists without being able to explain what you really want? A boudoir shoot is the perfect gift to give yourself this holiday season. Forget more bath products that aren’t quite the right scent or yet another sweater that’s going to go in the donation bin as soon as the holidays are over. Ask your loved one for a boudoir shoot—and request an early gift so that you can have your pictures to enjoy for the holidays.

There are so many ways you can take home your stunning images, find out our favorites by reading my blog “Ways to take Home Your Boudoir Session Art” and treat yourself to the perfect selection of boudoir treats.

So book your holiday boudoir session today and let’s get this holiday party started!

5. A Boudoir Shoot Will Help You Get in the Holiday Spirit

Have you been a little down in the dumps this holiday season? Do you feel more like a Grinch than a festive elf? A boudoir shoot is a great way to help yourself get in the holiday spirit and give you something to really look forward to. You can wrap yourself in special lingerie, go on a last-minute shopping spree that is for you (hello, lingerie!) instead of for someone else, and brighten your spirits as you’re allowed to focus on yourself for a little while. Not only that, when you step into the studio, you’ll get all the best parts of the holidays with plenty of peace to go along with it. If you’ve been struggling to get into the holiday spirit this year, your boudoir shoot could just help get you there.

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6. It’s a Great Way to Jumpstart Your Outfit Plans

Are you having trouble deciding what to wear for the perfect boudoir shoot? When you schedule your holiday session, you’ll have a ready-made palate of ideas right in front of you. You can dress up as a sexy elf or Mrs. Claus, wrap yourself up like a present (A strategically-placed bow or two can go a long way!), or choose to indulge any other holiday-related fantasies. Your imagination is the only limit—so why not take advantage? If you’ve done a boudoir shoot in the past, you may find that the holidays offer enough unique inspiration that you feel like it’s a completely different experience.

Need a little help figuring out your outfit? I’ve got you covered. Take a peek at my blog “Picking the Perfect Outfit for Your Boudoir Session” for everything you need to know on boudoir attire.

7. You’ll Look Your Best After a Boudoir Shoot

Do you have big plans for this holiday season—the kind of plans for which you want to look your best? For your boudoir session, you’ll have your hair and makeup perfectly done. You’ll look your best, and even better, you’ll be filled with confidence. That means you’ll be able to go into that big work party or family event looking and feeling amazing—and it will be sure to show! Going with your significant other? If they know about your boudoir shoot, you’ll enjoy knowing just where your special glow comes from every time someone comments on how gorgeous you look.

Don’t wait! The holidays are almost here. Book your holiday boudoir session today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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