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5 Signs You’re Ready for a Boudoir Shoot

The signs are all there, but you haven’t quite figured out if a boudoir shoot is something you’re ready to commit to. It looks like fun… and you know that this is your chance to look and feel your best, so what’s keeping you from taking that final leap?

You’re going to walk away with a new and improved confidence, and the pictures to back it up.  The only question is, are you really ready for a boudoir shoot? These five signs will decide if you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Sign #1: You’ve Forgotten you’re Royalty

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Our day-to-day hectic busyness can make us forget just how gorgeous we are.

If you can’t remember the last time you looked in the mirror and thought “Wow… I’m a total babe“, then you’re WAY overdue for your session.

When you walk into your boudoir shoot, you’ll quickly discover a side of you that’s been dying to come out… with a glamorous make-over and hair styling, you’ll leave your boudoir shoot feeling like the QUEEN you are. 

There’s no need to feel uncomfortable when you’re all dolled up.


Sign #2: You Have Someone to Share It With: You!best dallas boudoir photographer

Too often, boudoir shoots are billed as something that you do for someone else… and yea they do make a killer gift for that special someone. But girl, you are just as special and important…so don’t forget you can get these just for you.

Your boudoir shoot is a chance for you to see just how beautiful you already are. It’s a chance for you to dress up  and look STUNNING. It’s good to keep your confidence poppin with a spontaneous day of playfully sensual boudoir.

I’m speaking to all you ladies out there who need an excuse to get prettied up, let’s make this the funnest excuse you’ll ever have. Book your fabulous boudoir session now.

Sign #3: You’re in Need of Pampering

best dallas boudoir photographer

Life has a way of wearing people down—especially women. You have heavy responsibilities that you need to take care of every day, and it doesn’t take long for self-care to slide by the wayside.

The question isn’t if you need of a wonderful day of pampering, the question is when you’re finally going to treat yourself to your well deserved day of relaxation and glamour.

During your boudoir shoot, you’ll be spoiled with attention and given the royal treatment. Your hair will be professionally styled and your makeup will be chosen and applied with care. You’ll have the freedom to pose however you’d like, or to let me guide you. Either way, you’ll look drop-dead-gorgeous in all your pictures, and you’ll have a blast while you’re doing it!

It’s basically a spa day… but at the end of this one, you’ll get to carry out your stunning moments with you. A girl has got to treat herself once in awhile… when was the last time you spoiled yourself?

Sign #4: You Have a Special Event Coming Up: Celebrating Yourself!best dallas boudoir photographer

Let’s be honest here, you’re pretty amazing, and since they won’t approve making your birthday a national holiday, you’ll have to make sure you celebrate all your incredible milestones enough for everyone.

You are beautiful and everyday is a day you should celebrate yourself. But once in awhile, you should celebrate a little differently to keep things fresh and fun.

Every age of every woman’s life offers something incredible, whether you’re 22 or 52, and I’d love to help you capture your current moment of fabulous. You’ll never be the age you again, so why not find the unique beauty in today?

Let’s get your pretty little self into some lingerie and down to the studio, book your session with me now!

Sign #5: You Want to Embrace Your Sexy

best dallas boudoir photographer

Every morning, you should be able to look in the mirror and KNOW how incredibly beautiful you are… and if you don’t, this boudoir session is your wake-up call.

There are dozens of excuses you could think of to convince yourself why you shouldn’t…

Maybe you’ve never purchased a piece of lingerie in your life.

Your body has beauty marks and things you think you should hide.

You feel like your age takes away from your sexy.

But here’s the thing, all these reasons that have you thinking you shouldn’t, are exactly why you should. You can pick out a piece of lingerie you’ve always

wanted to try. You have a beautifully unique body with custom marks you EARNED from being a woman. You are older, but girl you are as sexy as you let yourself feel.

An important thing to realize is that we all have different definitions of sexy. If you’ve seen my portfolio, you’ve probably realized just how diverse and unique each of my sessions are. You can go full lingerie, or look just as divine in a t-shirt and your favorite panties. Your session is whatever you want it to be… don’t let your confidence keep you from embracing your sexy.

Your boudoir shoot is your chance to experiment with what sexy looks and feels like for you—you might just discover a new kind of sexy that you never knew you had.

best dallas boudoir photographer

Boudoir shoots are for everyone. Every woman is beautiful in her own skin, just as she is. Are you ready to schedule your shoot? Go ahead and schedule a call with me, I’d love to talk to you! The sooner we get you over to the studio, the sooner you”ll have pictures that capture your personality and style with just a dash of BOLD.

See you soon lovely lady!

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    What if I have stretch marks and flapping tummy from c-sections

    • Ashlee Russ says:

      You’ll be in great hands! I would say 70-80% of our clients worry about the same thing, it’s all about angles and lighting.

  2. Kathi says:

    How much is a session? I’m celebrating my love for me

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