5 Necessities For Your Boudoir Shoot

So you’ve finally decided to book your boudoir appointment. You’ve picked the date, set your alarm, and you’re ready for your day of pampering and modeling… at least for the most part.

Now you just have to decide what exactly it is you’re going to wear and bring. Narrowing down the items you might want to have with you during your boudoir shoot can be tricky when you have so much you want to say.

That’s why I wrote this blog to make it all a little bit easier to make your final cuts!

ONE: Things That Sparkle & Shine

dallas boudoir photographer

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but your favorite pair of earrings are just as nice.

So it’s time to open up that jewelry box and dig. You’re going to make sure you bring whatever makes you feel like the gorgeous and decadent queen you are.

Whether that’s a necklace you’ve had since forever, or a sparkly new engagement ring from your special someone, you are the deciding vote in whatever your Holly Golightly heart desires.

So go ahead, flaunt what you’ve got with a little more dazzle. This is your boudoir shoot, and honey, you are the STAR. Book your session now, and let’s glamour it up.

TWO: What Makes You Feel Sexy?

dallas boudoir photographer

You already know the deal. You’re going to be showing a little extra skin at your boudoir shoot, but that doesn’t mean there’s a set uniform.

If you want to bring out your favorite piece of lingerie, then bring it girl. If you’d like to shop around and find something a little more “unlike” you, that’s fine too. The world is your wardrobe, and the possibilities are endless with an open mind.

The truth is, you can wear anything you want because YOUR boudoir session is whatever you want it to be, just make sure you don’t let fear get in the way of you embracing your inner sexy.

Tippy-toe out of your comfort zone for a little bit, you might surprise yourself with just how stunning you look.

I also have a collection of over 60 pieces you can look through and fall in love with if you wanted to. It’s completely up to you!

Your style speaks for itself, and this time you need it to be loud and proud. So go ahead, let yourself embrace your inner lady boss. Take control of how you celebrate yourself, book your boudoir session now and don’t hold back. It’s time to party!

THIRD: Some Daring Heelsdallas boudoir photographer

Maybe you’re already a stiletto gal, or maybe you’re not.

Sometimes heels can be a little intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from whipping out your secret indulgence–you know the ones I’m talking about. That pair you try on and take the runway with in front of your mirror.

But this time around, don’t put them away and opt for your flats. You’re the headliner for your boudoir debut, and those are the heels you NEED to be wearing for it.

Your legs look amazing in them, and no other will do the job. So make sure you choose the pair that calls out to you the loudest.

Then strut over to my studio so we can get you and those sassy heels into some heartthrob poses.

FOUR: Pick A Color, Any Color

dallas boudoir photographer

This one’s a little fun.

You can stick to your favorite color, go seasonal, or just plain and simple black.

Get creative with your boudoir palette and feel free to spice things up. Try something lacy and red, or silky and print. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to being beautifully unique.

It doesn’t even have to be one color necessarily, and of course, you can coordinate with your accessories.

Like a piece of black lingerie with bright red heels and stunning jewelry as the frosting to your delicious boudoir cake.

Does you boo-thang love you in red? Then by all means let’s go ALL IN.

Give me a call, I’m absolutely more than happy to help you pick out whatever it is you might be considering, but aren’t 100% sure about. Together, with some help from Pinterest, I’m sure we can make your boudoir dreams a reality. Together we’ll find the perfect color to match your vision.

FIVE: Something Special

dallas boudoir photographer

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is that special item you haven’t even thought of yet. This can literally be anything that has meaning to you or defines a part of who you are. We all have that something we treasure, and it doesn’t have to be yours either.

Are you a Red Sox fan? Then bring out that jersey girl, and lets hit a few home runs with you at bat.

Or maybe you have an item in mind, but didn’t know how to go about implementing into your session. There’s plenty of ways to make your boudoir session scream out who you are and what you love.

Dating a firefighter and want to show him just how hot you look in his coat and hat? Well, my studio is here waiting for you to get it fired up.

Just got engaged? Show the love of your life how excited you are to be waking up next to them for the rest of your life? Bring your veil and I’ll pop the champagne, let’s get your bridal boudoir on!


The Most Important Thing You Need to Bring…

Is YOU. Super sappy I know, but it’s 100% true. No matter what you bring to your shoot, as long as you’re feeling beautiful and fabulous, then that’s really all that we need to have an amazing shoot.

There are so many reasons why you should book a boudoir session, and my goal is to make sure you see your personality and flair in every picture and pose.

Don’t be afraid to go with something different. Exploring is something every woman should do, that way you’re absolutely sure about your favorites, and able to discover new things to adore along the way.

Whatever your style is, and whoever you are as a person is someone worth showing off.

That being said, I’m ready when you are. Book your session with me now, I’m dying to help you discover your perfect session.

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