12 Incredibly Sexy Boudoir Poses

As your boudoir photographer, letting me have creative freedom—and exercising a little creative freedom yourself—is a great way to get amazing, sensual images during your boudoir shoot. Before your shoot, however, you might want to go in with a few ideas: some poses that catch your eye or spark your imagination. These twelve sexy boudoir poses will highlight your assets and show off your natural sensuality.

1. Angles, baby!

Angles are your friend! Not only are your curves incredibly sexy, but angles can also offer a unique and alluring composition. By arching your back, lowering your head towards the camera, raising your arms above your head and raising your hip, you can get the best boudoir images that will have you looking absolutely FABULOUS. Try practicing in front of the mirror to find your best angles, chances are you already know them!

2. Get on Your Belly

best dallas boudoir photographerLaying on your belly and arching your back can be sexier than you think, whether you’re posing on a couch, on the floor, or on your bed.

Even better, it’s a great pose to start out with: you’ll build your confidence and feel sexier and more comfortable posing for the camera.

You will be surprised to find how quickly you will begin to feel comfortable during your shoot, and try out new and daring boudoir poses! We can also have a chat about poses on a call if you need more guidance!

3. Find the Perfect Heels

There’s something about a woman in the right pair of heels that catches the eye and makes you catch your breath.

What are your favorite pair of sexy heels that make your calves look ABSOLUTELY stunning?

High heeled shoes offer more than just fabulous boudoir poses – they make you FEEL more confident, sexy, and empowered as soon as you strap them on.

Work it in those shoes, girl!

4. Show Off Your Best Assets

best dallas boudoir photographer

Don’t be afraid to show some skin with your boudoir poses!

After all, that extra dose of sexy is what boudoir photography is all about.

Most importantly, boudoir poses are all about it appearing effortless, so relax!

Sit down, lean back, and rest an arm over your head.

This can create an incredibly sexy boudoir pose that will have you looking SMOLDERING in your boudoir images.

5. Sprawl Across on Your Back

There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman made up very carefully, surrounded by rumpled sheets. Crook up a leg, tuck your hand under your cheek and try gazing off for a few boudoir poses. Arch your back, give the camera a sexy look, and go with the flow! Often, you’ll get some of the sexiest shots from your session out of these boudoir poses!

# 1 dallas boudoir photographer

6. Play with Your Hair

Your hair is one of your best assets—so make sure you use it to your full advantage with your boudoir poses!

Play with your hair.

Let it stream behind you or rest beside you on the bed.

Tousle it and let it fall on your face.

Use it as part of the backdrop for your pictures.

Even if you have short hair, you can get some incredible images by running your fingers through it, or you can try giving your best sultry look with your hair in your face.

You can also contact me to talk more in depth about these types of poses!

7. Focus on the Face

Lie down in front of the camera, your arms under you. Let the photographer zoom in to focus on your face while the rest of your body is gently blurred out. This pose is a great way to get started, especially if you’re feeling a little insecure: since your body isn’t in sharp focus, it can help you feel a little more comfortable with your images while hinting at that sexy power beneath.

8. Break Out the Sheets

top rated dallas boudoir photographer

Curl into a sexy position on the bed, the sheets tucked just so around you.

No matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing!) underneath, the sheets cover you, creating the whisper of expectation and a hint of what you might expect if you were lucky enough to peek underneath.

The hint of sensuality in a boudoir shoot redefines sexy—and your careful pose can offer suggestions about what might be waiting inside.

9. Place Yourself in Shadow

When you pose directly in front of a window or another light source, it helps to throw your body into shadow. These boudoir poses to create the same hint of sensuality that you’d get from covering your body, but without actually covering anything. You’ll be able to show off all your curves and play with the light to hint at exactly what might be hidden by those shadows—an incredibly sexy pose that will prepare you for your boudoir session to feel empowered and confident.

10. Pose with Props 

best dallas boudoir photographerProps make everything more fun! You can bring your own, or use some of mine during your boudoir session.

I’ll work with you to discover how those items can help transform your photo shoot and give an even sexier glimpse of you!

Whether it’s some tantalizing jewelry or some lace that can be incorporated into a shot, the possibilities are endless! So, get creative!

Try out some different outfits, too: a favorite sports tee or a costume can really bring out your sexier side.

11. Think Sexy

You might not believe it, but your eyes are one of your sexiest features. Keep your face relaxed. Open your mouth a little bit to relieve any tension in the face. Now, give the camera your best sultry smile. By focusing on your face and thinking sexy, you’ll discover that you get even more amazing images.

12. Lean Back Against the Wall

best dallas boudoir photographer

Let your back rest lightly against the wall. Put your legs up, bent at the knee, and give the camera that sultry smile—or, ignore it altogether as you stare off into the distance.

This incredibly sexy pose gives the illusion that you’re waiting for something, but you’re ready to spring into action at any moment. Lean forward or back to help camouflage what you view as “problem areas,” or let your photographer direct you into a sexy, confident pose. Try arching your back or resting your forearms over your head to get amazing and incredible photos that make you feel your best.

No matter how you choose to pose, your boudoir shoot will provide you with sexy, empowering images that offer a glimpse into a side of yourself that you may never have seen before. Are you ready to get started? Whether you’re still in the planning stages and want to see more images or you’re hoping to set up an incredible shoot, contact me today to learn more about the types of photo shoots I can offer.

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