11 Elegant but Sexy Bridal Boudoir Outfit Ideas

You’ve got the ring, the love of your life, and some fabulous plans for your big day. Now you’re ready to have a little fun with boudoir and want to make the most of the experience.

I’m all for it!

I know that as a bride-to-be you have a million and one things going on. Figuring out what you want to wear to your session is just one less thing you should have to worry about!

So without further ado, here are 11 absolutely elegant but sexy bridal boudoir ideas to make your session a tasteful success!

Whip out the Heels

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

In the right pair of heels, a girl feel like the true QUEEN she is…

They give you a great opportunity to showcase your stunning legs in the best ways possible without overshadowing the rest of your look!

Plus, I know every woman has a pair of sexy heels hidden away that have been waiting in the darkest corner of the closet for the right occasion to finally make their big debut. THIS is that occasion.

If you already bought your wedding heels, your bridal boudoir session is the PERFECT time to show them off! Why wait until your wedding day to flaunt those lovely pumps? Now’s your chance to really let your shoes do the talking!

Hello Oversized Sweater

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

This is a classic go to, but absolutely does the trick every time.

Wearing a loose-knit sweater and nothing else gives you the chance to showcase your stunning legs and leaves much to the imagination…

Best of all, if you’re a little camera shy, this is a great way to warm you up for some more revealing pieces.

You get to be sexy and playful without having to reveal anything. The best of both worlds!

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

Your Gorgeous Wedding Veil

Nothing says bridal boudoir like a veil. It adds an intimate touch to all your images and ties your look together perfectly.

This is the veil you’ll be wearing the day you finally say “I do” to spending the rest of your life with someone, so why not show it off a little more?

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

Embrace the Corsets

However you choose to put it, corsets are a timeless boudoir ESSENTIAL and look incredible on just about everyone.

Corsets are incredibly flattering and make those luscious curves of yours just a tad bit more defined. They’re also great at supporting the girls for some fabulous extra cleavage, and tucks in the tummy for a final look that screams “GORGEOUS”.

I recently discovered ‘Corset Story’, an online shop for ALL corset types, and absolutely fell in love. If you’re looking for a corset that both you and your special someone will adore, I absolutely recommend taking a peak through their inventory. 

It’s Time to Chemise Things Upbest dallas bridal boudoir photographer

You really can’t go wrong with a well fitted chemise piece!

It’s incredibly sensual and can be as playful or simple as you’d like. ‘Her Room’ has some perfectly sexy but tasteful pieces to look through if you’d like some inspiration for your bridal boudoir session!

Also, don’t forget, my studio closet is always open! I have a wide collection of lingerie, corsets, and accessories that you are absolutely welcome to wear for your session. Give me a call today for your initial boudoir consult.

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

Matching Bra & Panties

This classic look is simple, but should never be underestimated.

Let’s be honest, we all have those go-to bra and panty combos that have us doing a double take in the mirror. We know we look good in them, and the days we get to wear them, are always great one’s.

That’s why you should definitely consider modeling in them for your shoot. If you already feel amazing in them, you’ll feel amazing during your session, and it’ll show in your final images!

Garter Belts & Stockings

I go on forever about these because they’re a winner every time.

The look is timeless, elegant, and just straight out sexy. They go with just about every look, but really shine when paired with corsets. Schedule your initial boudoir consultation call today and let’s find your perfect corset duo to go with your perfect bridal boudoir session!

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

Embrace the ‘Au Natural’ Look

A few nude shots never hurt anybody. You don’t have to show anything either…

I have fur blankets, sheer fabrics, and other materials we can use to show off just enough skin to imply more than what needs to be seen. This is exactly what we need to create a playful but classy look every time.

Get Yourself A Custom Bridal Lingerie Set

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

This is one just plain fun in general.

Getting a custom new lingerie set just for you and your partner is incredibly intimate already, but capturing your stunning body modeling in it adds even more sentiment.

Have your new initials embroidered into your new piece or maybe even a “Mrs.” with that pretty new last name you’ll be picking up. The possibilities are endless!

A Lacy Bralette

best dallas bridal boudoir photographer

A gorgeous lace bralette is a true wild card. It goes well with just about anything, and there are INFINITE styles to discover.

Whether it’s with a pair of panties, or some tight little shorts, a bralette is an incredibly stylish and sexy way to show off your gorgeous body.

If you’re looking for some more great tips on what to wear for your body type and where to find them, you will absolutely love my blog “ Picking the Perfect outfit for your Boudoir Session”. It goes over the boudoir outfit essentials you’ll want to know before your session!

Slip on some Classic Evening Glovesbest dallas bridal boudoir photographer

Channel your Marilyn Monroe within you and adorn yourself with a gorgeous set of arm length gloves for an elegant and seductive look every time.

Imagine yourself in a divine piece of well-fitted lingerie, high heels, and a pair of dark velveteen gloves to complete the look.

Breathtaking wouldn’t even begin to describe how lovely you’ll look during your session, regardless of what you decide to wear.

If you have any other ideas of what would make an incredible outfit for your bridal boudoir session, please share them in the comments! I love hearing about new ideas and all the incredible experiences women have had just trying them out!

If you’re ready to book your own bridal session, go ahead and give me a call today gorgeous! I know you’ll absolutely adore your images, and so will that lucky special someone in your life!

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